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FourWeekMBA Course Bundle

The school comprises:

  • Business Model Innovation Flagship Course
  • Digital Entrepreneurship Crash Course
  • Financial Literacy Crash Course
  • And Access To The FourWeekMBA Business Library
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Why Business Model Innovation Matters

Business modeling is about finding a systematic way to unlock long-term value for an organization while delivering valuable products and services. A business model isn’t just about how a company makes money. But also the kind of incentives it is able to create for its users, the distribution networks it is able to tap into and the key partnerships a business can leverage on. In short, a business model is a holistic framework to understand, define and design your business in the marketplace.

What is a business model?

A business model is a critical element for any startup success as it is what unlocks value in the long-term. In a way, developing a business model isn’t only about monetization strategies.

Indeed, that is way more holistic. To develop a business model companies need to create value for several stakeholders. Thus, a business model it is about what makes users go back to your app, service or product. It is about how businesses can get value from your solution. It is about how suppliers grow their business through it.

A business model is all those things together. In short, when those pieces come together, that is when you can say to have a business model.

A business model is also about how you make money but how you make money isn’t your business model

One of the biggest misconceptions of the business model is to confuse it with the monetization strategy or the revenue model of the company. While this is an essential piece of the puzzle, it is just one of the components of a successful business model.

In this blog, we’ve discussed at great length how companies make money as a way to start the discussion of a business model. However, a business model implies the understanding of operations, customer acquisition, retention, supply chain management, besides monetization.

According to the business model you designed over the years for your organization there will be a piece that plays a more critical role compared to others. For instance, a vital component of the Coca-Cola business model is its distribution strategy. For other companies like McDonald’s, the key to its business model success is the heavy franchised restaurants that helped the company scale up all over the world.

Each company will develop a unique model among the many types of business models which is what makes your company robust in the long-run!

It’s all about business model design

The primary aim of a business model is to create a sustainable chain, able to unlock value for several players in a market, industry or niche. Therefore, this value chain will start from a value proposition, a promise you make to the key players and partners in that market, industry or niche depending on where you start.

For instance, when PayPal started it didn’t look to dominate the whole market. It started from a niche. As Pether Thiel put it in his book, Zero to One:

The most successful companies make the core progression—to first dominate a specific niche and then scale to adjacent markets—a part of their founding narrative.

Indeed, PayPal began from identifying its most valuable partner, what at the time they called “power user.” That was a choice driven by its business model design.

Therefore, instead of focusing on generically offering a service for everyone, PayPal focused on acquiring and attracting as much power users as possible. Those power users were mostly on another platform that had already scaled up: eBay. Thus, PayPal focused all its effort on acquiring those power users from eBay, fast!

Only after PayPal had drafted, tested and validated a clear value proposition for a small, yet a critical group of power users, it could move on to take larger and larger segments of that market.

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Why Digital Entrepreneurship Matters

Whether you have a traditional brick-and-mortar business, or you're thinking to launch a digital business it is critical to know how to leverage on digital channels and platforms to grow your own business. Not only that, digital entrepreneurship requires a different mindset that can help you start, grow or help improve any business.

Why Financial Literacy Matters

In order for you to run a business the first step is to understand the financial dynamics of it. Indeed, while your business is not just about money, you need to understand that many successful ideas failed because of a lack of understanding of how to use financial resources. Indeed, a successful idea without the proper cash flow generation can lead to disastrous consequences!

Why Reading Matters In Business

While entrepreneurs and executives should always prioritize action. One way to fine-tune and speed up the learning process in the real-world is through studying and reading is among the most effective ways to drive action, if the resources you consume are well structured they should lead you to act. The FourWeekMBA Business Library is a set of resources and ebooks which will help you become a better business person!

FourWeekMBA Course Completion Certificate

At completion of the course a certificate will be released!

FourWeekMBA Answer Engine

The FourWeekMBA School provides an answer engine able to provide you the resources you need to answer most of your questions!

"Thanks to the FourWeekMBA I have learned about some of the fundamental business concepts everyone interested in business should know and about the business models of the Companies shaping the world."

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Your Instructor

Gennaro Cuofano
Gennaro Cuofano

Gennaro is the founder of FourWeekMBA, which he brought to reach over a million business students, professionals, and entrepreneurs in 2019 alone. He is also Head of Business Development at a high-tech startup; he helped grow at a double-digit rate and become profitable. Gennaro is also an International MBA with an emphasis on Corporate Finance.

WIth FourWeekMBA Gennaro dissected hundreds of companies in several industries and verticals. He uses business modeling to look at any company's engine and what key elements best describe them in the current moment. He also leveraged on business model innovation to grow FourWeekMBA as one of the leading sources on the topic.

Currently, FourWeekMBA is the leading source of business models, business strategy, and growth marketing. That is a portal which aims to provide highly practical educational resources that can help you grow your business, to become a better executive and business person.

As Head Of Business Development for a high-tech startup, Gennaro looks after the sales and distribution side. At the core, Gennaro manages partnerships, structures complex deals, and he focuses on the growth side of a high-tech startup.

As a former Financial Analyst and Controller, Gennaro oversaw the financials of hundreds of entities in the commercial real estate sector in California. He Audited and analyzed a commercial real estate portfolio in California, and he performed controller activities and ensured consistency between financial and operational activities while working closely with CFO and other top-tier executives within the organization.

With his international experience and competence spanning across finance, business, law, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship, Gennaro wants to bring you through a journey to become a better business person.

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- Atul Ghanekar, Business Consultant


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